Tux/Suit Rental 101

Tux/Suit Rental 101

 Renting a tuxedo or suit for your wedding has never been easier thanks to online rental services. For those who haven't rented a suit or tux since prom, it's probably time for a refresher! It’s our priority at The Bride & Groom Mississippi to make sure our customers are always prepared. Here’s the basics of what you need to know about renting a tuxedo or suit:



Benefits of renting your wedding outfit


You may be torn between buying or renting your wedding day attire.Both options have their pros and cons. Buying a suit or tuxedo will add an investment piece to your closet, while renting often gives you more flexibility (and may even help you save money in the process). In the end, you should think about your everyday lifestyle. How often do you actually wear a suit or attend events that require formal wear? If you rarely wear tuxedos, then renting your attire might make more sense than purchasing it.



How tuxedo and suit rentals work


When you visit a rental shop, you’ll want to schedule at least two to three appointments — one for getting measured and finding your style, another for trying on your suits and choosing the perfect outfit, and a third for returning the suit after the wedding is over. Shoppers get in-person help from rental experts who can help make sure you find the best option for your body type and help pick fabrics that match specific wedding details.

When to order your suit
While many rental services offer rush options, we definitely recommend not waiting until the last minute to pick out your wedding attire. You should start browsing for attire at least five or six months before your wedding date. This goes for both the groom and groomsmen, especially if you have a larger wedding party—you’ll appreciate having that extra time to make sure everyone gets their orders squared away.

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