Trending Wedding Dress Necklines

Trending Wedding Dress Necklines

At The Bride and Groom, our team loves keeping our boutique full of all the latest in bridal fashion. This year, we are finding ourselves particularly drawn to all the unique, modern approaches to bridal necklines brought to us by 2022’s newest designer collections releases. To inspire your bridal shopping journey, here are our favorite trending wedding dress neckline styles:


Off-The-Shoulder Necklines



Justin Alexander Sincerity


Off-the-shoulder necklines travel straight across your torso and extend into thick strap sleeves that wrap around your arms. This chic, classy style offers a modest bust area, while creating an alluring frame around your shoulders and collarbones.


Illusion Necklines



Lillian West


Using invisible mesh, illusion necklines extend past the solid fabric of your gown. This style is not only stunning visually, but quite functional: illusion necklines sneak extra support into your look, which is especially helpful with strapless gowns. 


High Necklines



Justin Alexander Signature


High necklines elevate any bridal gown with sophisticated elegance. This style offers plenty of coverage, shows off your chic tastes, and gives you a regal look worth swooning over!

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