Mother of the Bride: How to Pick the Perfect Gown

Mother of the Bride: How to Pick the Perfect Gown

Feb 01, 2022

Finding the perfect dress to wear to your daughter’s wedding is tough. You want to blend in with pictures and her wedding’s aesthetic, but you still want to stand out, and look as beautiful and joyous as you feel on your daughter’s wedding day. This can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Read our tips for making your shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible. 

Start Early


It’s easy to get so caught up in planning and helping your daughter find her dress that you put yourself on the back burner. Take some time for yourself! The last thing you want is to be scrambling for something to wear just weeks before the wedding. Start shopping earlier than you think should so that you have plenty of time to find the perfect dress!

Listen to the Bride


Finding the right color can be tough, but we recommend listening to the bride’s vision for her wedding. Take cues from the bridal party and wear a coordinating color. There’s no need to fully match (in fact, we recommend not matching unless the bride asks you to), but finding a dress in a color that pairs well with the bridesmaids is a great idea! Think of navy blue with light blue, gold with blush, and other pairings that will make you stand out without clashing in photos. 

Talk to the Mother of the Groom


When you start shopping, give the groom’s mother a call to let her know you’re looking. Send her photos of the dress you choose so that the two of you don’t accidentally show up in dresses that look alike! 

Make it Fun


If you’re stressed about shopping, make a day of it! Bring along your best friend, your daughter, or someone close to you who you trust to give you honest feedback and make you feel at ease, and grab lunch before or after your appointment! This way, the experience can be a fun outing rather than a stressful one. 

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