How to Pick the Best Tuxedo Colors

How to Pick the Best Tuxedo Colors

It’s easy to get so caught up in finding your own wedding dress and the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids that you forget to think about the groomsmen—while tuxedos aren’t as complex of a choice as a dress, choosing the right tuxedo color is key. The tuxes the men wear create a backdrop of color at the altar, much like the bridesmaids, so it’s important to choose a tux color that suits the tone of your wedding. 



Navy tuxes are perfect for brides who want something classic with a slight twist. The dark color gives you a classic, timeless look, while the slight hint of blue brightens the look slightly. For spring weddings, we love this color, giving you a good neutral base to work around that pairs beautifully with your wedding colors. 



Want something light but formal? Charcoal grey is increasingly popular, especially for brides who want a lighter, cool toned neutral. This color looks amazing at winter weddings, blending with the cool weather perfectly. 



Planning a boho or beach wedding? Khaki colored suits are perfect, adding a light, laid-back tone to the wedding. Khaki is perfect for daytime weddings, and give you a warm tone to work with. Like gray, you get a nice, light neutral, but khaki works better for warm weather. 



You can never go wrong with a black tuxedo. Timeless and classic, the color goes with everything, and looks amazing in any season. For the bride planning a timeless, classic wedding, there’s nothing like a black tuxedo. 

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