How To Move Properly In Your Wedding Dress

How To Move Properly In Your Wedding Dress

When we work with brides, one of the number one concerns they have is this - how the heck am I supposed to move in this wedding dress?! It's unlike ANYTHING else you have in your closet, after all. So it’s important that you understand some basics of how to move around this gorgeous gown you’ve purchased! Here are some of our best tips for moving seamlessly in your dress:



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First Things First - Keep It Clean! 


It's important to keep your gown clean when you're getting dressed! Making sure that you know how to get into the gown without messing it up is a key factor here. Have your garter and shoes nearby for easy access, and while you’re at it, keep a scarf to wear over your head if you’re slipping the gown over your head. Does your dress have a ton of buttons? We suggest keeping some sort of hook on hand to help pull the loops over the buttons. You should also keep a clean white towel on hand if you plan on snacking or drinking something before leaving for the venue. 


Figure Out The Bustle


Make sure to plan when you'll bustle the train. Most brides bustle their train after the ceremony, even though some wait until after the first dance. Having a designated bustler at your last fitting (this can be your maid of honor or even your wedding planner) will help you learn the ins and outs of your dress to help once it’s time to bustle. This person should check that your gown's hem is straight and the fabric drapes gracefully after it's been bustled.


Get Some Help Putting Your Dress On


Set your shoes down on top of a sheet when it's time to get dressed. It’s super helpful to have a large sheet on the floor so that you can keep your hem clean! Your gown should be unzipped or unbuttoned and positioned over your shoes if you have one. Step into the dress one leg at a time, placing your feet in your shoes as you do so, with your mom or maid of honor holding it open and supporting you. To keep your makeup from smudging, put your shoes on first and use the scarf to cover your face if you have a sheath gown. Let someone else zip it up! 


Move Carefully 


Once you get into your gown, make sure you gently lift the skirt to avoid any stains or tears. In order to do so, bend your knees just a little bit and gather a piece of your skirt in each hand. Be cautious so you don’t wrinkle the skirt! Lift your skirt off the ground and away - you'll risk ripping your dress if you walk or step backwards in a full dress or one with a train. Use your hand to delicately lift the back of your skirt, or ask someone to help you. Take your first few steps after you get to your destination and the skirt will naturally fluff out.


En Route


You'll have to get in and out of the car slowly if you're driving to a different location for your ceremony. Lean forward in your seat and pull your gown up behind you instead of sitting on the back. You'll also need to move carefully in your dress after the ceremony - especially if you’re planning on taking lots of photos at your reception! Make sure your maid of honor or other helper brings along a pillowcase if you're planning on taking pictures outside so you won't have to sit or stand on grass.


Don’t Be Too Modest


Listen, you might hate to hear this, but going to the bathroom after your wedding (or before) is going to be a two-person job! And especially if you have a bustle for your reception, you’ll need your resident bustler of choice to help you lift your gown when you go to the bathroom. If you’re wearing a ball gown, you might even have to slip out of your gown entirely to use the restroom. 


And Don’t Stress! 


Take a DEEP breath and remember that this is a magical day to be savored! Of course, it helps to take the best care of your gown, but it’s most important that you have some fun! You’ve spent such a long time planning this event, so it’s time to make the most of it. 


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