Dress Shape Diary

Dress Shape Diary

Often, brides ask us which dress silhouette will be best for their body shape. There’s no one perfect answer for everyone, and most of it comes down to personal preference and what makes you feel most confident! If you’re one of the many brides unsure where to start, read all the differences between the four most popular silhouettes:

Ball Gown 

Astrid by Abella

The ball gown is one of the most easily recognizable silhouettes, as it’s popular among royalty and celebrities. The full skirt flares from the natural waist, creating a balance between the fitted top and full, fluffy skirt. This balance places more emphasis on the upper body, showing off your arms and torso. 


7045 by Stella York

Like the ball gown, A-line skirts begin at the natural waist, flaring into a full skirt. While the ball gown has more of a full, rounded shape, the A-line creates a slim, triangular shape that points inwards towards your waist and makes you appear slimmer. This effect makes the A-line extremely popular, as the silhouette is universally flattering. 


88203 by Justin Alexander

If you want a more fitted style, the mermaid silhouette is perfect. Fitted through the hip, the skirt begins flaring from the knee, creating an hourglass shape that exaggerates your curves. For women who want to emphasize their hips, the mermaid silhouette is perfect, giving you a sexy, high-fashion look that’s perfect for the modern bride. 

Fit and Flare 

Micah by All Who Wander

With the same curve-loving, hourglass shape as the mermaid, the fit and flare has one key difference: the skirt flares from the thigh rather than the knee, giving the overall silhouette a slightly less exaggerated shape. You get the same effect, but with a more relaxed overall look and feel. 

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