DIY Wedding Projects

DIY Wedding Projects

DIY wedding decorations are enjoyable and satisfying no matter how skilled you are at crafts, whether you're a beginner or trying to save money. You can keep a closer eye on your decorations, spend more time with family, and learn new skills when you do them yourself. When you walk around your wedding, you can also appreciate all the personal touches you added. We've got some helpful DIY wedding decor ideas if you don't know what to do with your wedding decor! 


Nature-Inspired Backdrop

Nature is usually the most cost-effective and best option for ceremony backdrops (it's included in the venue fee). Some altars, however, require a little something extra. Candles, saplings, flowers, branches, and greenery can be used to frame your perfect vow exchange picture!


The Wedding Day Schedule



If you’re looking for a DIY project to showcase your wedding day schedule, you can paint it on to a wooden pallet and have it upright for guests to stay informed! This is a fantastic idea if you’re looking to save on paper costs for your wedding by avoiding printing out a schedule while keeping guests in-the-know. 


Replace Guest Book With Postcards



You can ask your wedding guests to write little notes on the back of postcards of all the places you've visited together as a couple for a cute travel-inspired wedding decor idea! And even if you haven’t traveled to many places, you can always purchase cheap postcards from a local store and use those instead. Either way, it’s a super fun and affordable DIY alternative to a typical guestbook!


DIY Confetti Balloons


Consider incorporating balloons into your wedding decor and fill them with pretty confetti for a festive touch at your wedding. You can either use fun, colorful confetti or opt for gold and silver hues and balloon tails to make your wedding sparkle! 



Flower Girl's Basket


Rather than spending a lot of money on a basket for your flower girl, consider decorating your own affordable basket with either silk or paper petals! You can even ask your florist to add some fresh flowers to the mix right before the ceremony if you wish. 


Arrange Your Own Bouquets


Another fun and easy DIY project is creating your own bouquets! What’s fun about this is all the different options you have. You can take inspiration from your wedding color palette and either pick flowers from your garden (or a friend’s, if they’re willing to share!) or visit your local florist and ask for some loose stems, flowers, and greenery to create your own. 


Use Boho-chic Rugs for Added Decor



While this isn’t a project you can create yourself, it’s a super fun way to add a homey, intimate touch to your wedding! You can either use bohemian aisle runners for the ceremony or you can amp up your outdoor wedding space with wooden frames and bohemian rugs.