Bridal Hair Trends 2022

Bridal Hair Trends 2022

Traditionally, bridal hairstyling has meant complex, neat up-dos that involve hours in a salon chair. Today, more than ever, brides are popularly leaning towards more laidback looks that allude effortless beauty. Here are a some of our favorite trending hairstyles to give you some inspiration for your wedding day:



Hair Down



The most popular approach to a relaxed bridal look is wearing your hair down, allowing each of your gorgeous strands to sway around in all their glory! Pair loose, tousled ringlets with a few decorative brooches or pins to maintain some level of control, or opt for a sleek, straightened look to allow the rest of your look to truly shine.






Ponytails are the perfect option for brides seeking a style that stays intact as you dance the night away at your reception. With a ponytail, you get to keep any wispy hairs in place, as well as select just the right amount of face-framing bangs to fall gracefully around your bridal glam. You can elevate this simple look with a unique hair tie or shimmering clips!






Braids have always gone hand in hand with bridal hairstyling, yet this style has constantly evolved with the latest trends. There are many ways to make pleats part of your bridal look, ranging from twisting your hair into an intricate crown to laying a single fishtail down your back. This versatility allows for brides of any style to find their perfect match in braids!


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